The Davis family has been a continued force in the steel business in Erie, Pennsylvania in one form or another for three generations. After working in the power industry and armed with an engineering degree, Dave Davis, current owner and President returned to Erie in 1985 to help his father Gene Davis, open Gene Davis Sales and Service at its current location at 1119 Payne Avenue. Prior to opening GDSS, Eugene ran G and F Steel in Weslyville and Dave’s grandfather had been in the local scrap and recycling steel business since WWII.

At Gene Davis Sales, every customer counts!

With Gene’s untimely death in 1990, the younger Davis decided to take the business in another direction and added fabrication services to his retail sales and steel reclamation business. Many customers came to the company asking to repair a blade on their plow or maybe they had a piece of conveyer which needed welding, perhaps they wanted a nice stainless steel backsplash and didn’t know where to turn. Many of the fab shops in Erie were not catering to small one time jobs. Davis saw a niche and began the custom fabrication business. Once the welding and fabrication production was in full swing, Davis hired a few master machinists and began offering machining services to his business plan.

Thirty years later, with an additional three buildings, Gene Davis Sales and Service is a fixture on Erie's east side. Specializing in SERVICE to both long time loyal customers and to the person that walks into the business and just needs a small piece of steel.