Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

We are happy to announce GDSS now offers abrasive waterjet cutting ! 

Waterjet cutting capabilities offer a flexible and accurate method of cutting complex or difficult parts. Waterjet cutting offers a number of beneifts over tradition cutting:

Tolerances tighter than +/- 0.010" are achievable, especially in thinner materials such as 1" stainless steel. Waterjet cutting also has the ability to vary tolerances in different locations on a part, ensuring the best price and quality.

Materials ranging from 0.010" acrylic all the way to 10” thick stainless steel can be cut by waterjet, making it a very versatile tool.  WE CAN CUT ANY MATERIAL !

Waterjet cutting is a natural erosion process involving no chemicals or heat. Because of this, warping and distortion typically associated with laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting is eliminated, therefore minimizing the need for secondary processing.

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