Powder Coating

Gene Davis is happy to announce the addition of powdering coating as of August 2023

Our batch powder coating system offers ....

  • 12ft x 14ft x 8ft Tall Nordson Spray Booth
  • 2023 Gema Powder Coating Gun
  • 8ft x 8ft x 18ft Ohio Industrial Batch Oven
  • 15ft x 20ft x 12ft Pre-Treatment Wash Bay
  • PEM Pre-treatment wash system 

Sand Blasting and Bead blasting is available at customer request. 

We are happy to partner with our friends at Erie Powder Coat, IFC, Cardinal, & Prismatic Powders to offer a wide selection of colors and textures


Batch system 1
pc 1
pc 4
pc 3
pc 2